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In 3 simple steps, automate the creation of a time series forecast.
No sign-up is required and no data from your csv is stored on our servers.

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In 3 Easy Steps

Automate forecast creation

Proudly Open Source

Forecastr wouldn't be possible without the awesome open source community developing cool tools like chartjs, flask and Facebook's Prophet. This app was made with love using Javascript and Python.


Any data that you upload is run through a python script and is not stored on a db. In the spirit of transparency, we'll soon be open sourcing this forecasting tool so that you can see all of the data transformations and how the script works.

Export your Forecast Data

Easily export your forecast by using the 'Download' CTA shown above.

Powered by Facebook Prophet

Thanks to the amazing work done by the Facebook Open Source team, forecastr incorporates most of the hyperparameters as filters. Check out the real library in python: pip install fbprophet

Forecast Use Cases

Maybe you want measure the incremental installs of an app from a recent marketing campaign? Or forecast out where your market share is heading? Forecastr can help with that and more.

Ready to Forecast?

All Set? Build your forecast now. Need a csv to test it out? Here are a few sample csvs to get you started.

Dataset Time Series Type
Shampoo Sales Monthly
Saugeen River Temps Daily
Manning Wikipedia Log Scale PVs Daily